It can be pretty tough to plan any event. Talk about everything from invitations to picking a venue, making a guest list to organising food. It can be such a challenging task. With a little touch of the master planner,getting the seating arrangements in perfect order in addition to getting the menu list right would make having a failed event almost impossible. Ask anyone in the business of planning events regularly where they expend most of their time and energy. You are likely to get one response: paper work. It’s no leisure stroll in the park; documentation is vital to successful event management. However, there’s an escape to this time wrenching task called paper work. It’s called technology. It takes out the manual element and gives a virtual route to every needed task. So now event planners and their clients can enjoy an endless world of possibilities. These tools are developed as event softwares. They are basically applications that simplify an otherwise arduous task. Electronic mail format invitations,registrations, collating responses and collecting feed backs are all taken care of with nothing more than a click of a technology device’s buttons

Get the memo: Technology rules now.

A lot of people nonetheless are still unsure about putting their resources into technology ruled event management technics. Mostly because at first instance it may appear overwhelming and complex. Having carried out a task manually for uncountable events, it feels “untrustworthy “ to now commit same task to a machine,worse still ,a set of scientific commands. However technology saves a whole lot of time,saves tons of lives by reducing stress and is definitely worth every penny invested into it. Technology in fact saves money. For instance you pay less salaries or wages for otherwise employed manual labours.

To get started, here are the basics:

These event soft wares were developed to ease manual, individually sent, bulk mails. Imagine if you have to serve a thousand guests? One week probably won’t be enough. To complicate matters more, you are not immured to making unforgettable mistakes! Hence these genius tools come with default email templates that can send, also take and record responses.

That’s not all.

With the help of these tools, you can create a functional website for your event. This is the twenty first century. Any business that’s not online is definitely “off” line. You need an apparent presence,that’s both fast and easily accessible. What else can give that if not a website? Smart planners open sites on the web for their events where guests or attendees can instantly connect and interact with other attendees for details about the event, make further inquiries and get fast feed backs. It could even become an avenue to keep memoirs long after the event is over. These management tools can provide that effortlessly for you with its customisable pre-designed website templates.

The world indeed is now a village, get connected.

Social media is the place to be to connect with this world. Marketing got digital. Interactions got virtual but certain. Acquaint yourself with words like what’s “trending” the “hash tag”, “handles”,”following”,”likes” and “shares”. Get the proper hang of these media lingos, make use of them,and begin to watch them do their tricks. What about promotions? There is no better way to promote your event in today’s technology driven world. You’ve got to get social on the media platform. There are numerous platforms you can learn to excellently manoeuvre. Just pick one that’s most likely to fit or attract your target guest, attendees or clients and get profitably social!

The era of these techy tools also come with simple phone gadgets being upgraded to become as functional as any computer system you can have. Take for instance the smart phones .virtually all that you require to operate at the speed of light will indeed be at your fingertips with the use of these phones. The use of these smart phones avail you the opportunity tocommunicate faster with your event guests, attendees or clients in real time and can even create customised apps just for your event. Such that can be linked to your website and make exchange of information virtually blissful. The good thing about these mini-computer-gadgets called phones is that everyone can have one in their pocket.

The edge called feedback.

After the event, your work as an outstanding planner in essence begins. So you got the event made and feel personally accomplished. Don’t rely only on your self-appraisal, get feedback. Feedback helps you objectively review your work, what worked and what did not work. It gives you an opportunity to use the information gathered to complete surveys wherever it’s needed. In addition, you can leverage on the records you have to work on another event. Having contacts of your guests on makes it easier for you to send out survey forms to be completed giving you feed backs on their experiences. Were they satisfied with your service or displeased. Is there any way you can serve them better. These and many more can be gathered using this tool. If it’s an annual event for instance you can know ahead how many of your guests will attend again next year.

Do you now see the wonder of technology? This is the era of better productivity for event planners. Vast opportunities await those that will be smart enough to take it. What are you waiting for? Join the league of smart, technology savvy event planners and start creating your own possibilities. Take a second look at the device in your hand you call phone. Ask yourself, can it do more? Perhaps it sure can. Get a device that works more than calling and receiving calls if you can’t afford a tablet, desktop or laptop yet. Get better,go faster and further in your career as an event planner. Get smart with event technology. The world would not just be at your feet, the world will be at your fingertips.